Greg Richardson
Managing Partner

Greg Richardson is the founder and Managing Partner for Civitium. Since starting the company in 2004, Greg has served as adviser to Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago and other U.S. and international cities on matters related to community broadband strategy, policy, technology and communications planning. He has also led the planning and engineering efforts for the North Georgia Network (NGN) and Appalachian Valley Fiber Network (AVFN) projects -- responsible for constructing more than 1,000 miles of fiber infrastructure in north Georgia.

In 2011, Greg started 7hills Makerspace in Rome, Georgia, the second member-based collaborative of its kind in Georgia. He later co-founded Makervillage, an economic gardening initiative that applies the maker culture to stimulate the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region.

Prior to founding Civitium, Greg help a variety of executive positions at Siemens, Wireless Knowledge (a joint venture between Microsoft and QUALCOMM), and Inacom Corporation.

Greg is a leading authority on how broadband and other leading technologies can be used to foster innovation and strengthen economic development. He is a regular speaker at international industry conferences, having spoken and led workshops on 5 continents and more than a dozen countries.


Bailey White
Senior Partner

Bailey White is a Senior Partner with Civitium where he has advised a wide variety of governmental and telecommunications clients since 2005 including several state authorities and broadband offices, ILECs and CLECs, public safety agencies, and not for profits on broadband related matters. His focus areas include business and technology strategy, fund raising, business planning and strategic sales, procurement and contract management, governmental compliance, and the formation and maintenance of partnerships.

Bailey has always been at the center of innovation. In 1993 he led the development of a hybrid electric vehicle similar to the Toyota Prius today. Shortly afterwards, he joined Hewlett-Packard and led portions of HP’s first e-commerce program before developing one of the companies most sophisticated international supply chains in the US, Western Europe, and Japan. Since then, he has held senior management roles in a variety of startups serving Fortune 500 clients and developed highly successful telecommunications programs and businesses in both rural and urban environments.

Bailey graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and has led graduate research in large scale broadband network implementations, applications within these networks, and the impact of SMS on communications. Bailey is a regular speaker at leading industry related events.

Jason Shannon
Chief Technology Officer

Jason Shannon has a vast professional history of radio frequency development and optimization in both a structured lab environment and in-market field environments with a thorough knowledge of both theoretical and applied mechanics of wireless networking and radio frequency fundamentals. He has an expert knowledge of past, present and evolutionary product technologies in the wireless broadband ecosystem and a comprehensive technical knowledge of FCC regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining Civitium in 2007, Jason led the wireless technology efforts for the Municipal Networks Division at EarthLink as Lead Wireless Architect. At EarthLink, Jason was responsible for all aspects of radio and wireless systems and the integration of these systems with all other IP/Network and Systems components. Jason was the lead architect and primary wireless engineer for municipal networks in Anaheim, Milpitas, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Prior to EarthLink, Jason was Founder and Director of Technology for Gnu Technologies, a wireless consulting firm that developed industry-first benchmarking tools for municipal wireless applications and delivered cutting edge engineering and professional services for the burgeoning wireless broadband industry. Jason has a thorough and diverse expertise in wireless broadband that ranges from Research and Development to Architecture and Design to Field Implementation.

Jason has performed over 20 wireless feasibility studies for municipalities including Racine County, WI, Grand Rapids, MI, Franklin, TN, Miami Beach, FL, Alpharetta, GA, and Marietta, GA including a variety of technologies. This includes coordination, feasibility and/or acquisition of licensed spectrum in several  licensed bands. 

Jason is currently leading projects to design an ultra-dense 4.9 GHz public safety system for a municipality in Texas (fixed video capture and mobile in-car video streaming), and to design a 2,000 square mile wireless broadband system for five rural counties in South Georgia.