FCC Rural Broadband Experiments: A New Tool for More Strategic Bidding

As part of the Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II, nearly $9 billion may become available over the next five years to expand broadband in rural areas.  Utilities may become eligible to apply for this funding, depending on the outcome of the Rural Broadband Experiments program.

Bids are due October 14.  Almost 850,000 census blocks are eligible, and the bidding process is complicated.  You need better tools for analyzing the data and the business case.

Civitium is excited to announce: PlanFiber™
With PlanFiber™ you can:

  • Evaluate the opportunity and responsibility of serving all premises in eligible blocks with advanced broadband and voice service.

  • Evaluate trade-offs between capital costs, potential subscriber revenue, and FCC annual support, including comparison of Accelerated Deployment financial schedules.

  • Compare your network assets to FCC subsidy opportunities.

  • Conduct “what if” analysis to quickly analyze various scenarios and business cases.

  • Import actual data about telecommunications spend in your service territory for more accurate revenue predictions.  

Make the Complex a Little Simpler

Analyze your territory and any existing fiber assets to understand the funded census blocks most relevant to you. Modify costs and other assumptions easily to see which census blocks meet your investment needs. Immediately review a pro-forma for the blocks you have selected with the build out costs and financial assumptions relevant to your region.

Engineer At Your Desktop

Draw your own fiber routes and place cabinets and other equipment throughout your network as you look at your region with satellite imagery. In a few minutes, you can develop preliminary cost estimates in a way that could only be done by a GIS analyst or facilities engineer in the past.

Partner With By Experts.

PlanFiber is an integrated web application and consulting service created by Civitium, a technology firm specializing in broadband projects for utilities and carriers for more than ten years.

The experienced engineers and consultants at Civitium will fully onboard your team, including training and setup of data and initial use cases.  Civitium is also available for project-based consulting engagements which may include preparation of your bid package, evaluation of network expansion opportunities, or business planning for traditional finance channels.

“Combined with Civitium’s expertise, the PlanFiber™ analysis and predictive tools have solidified our Rural Experiments bid, increased investment opportunities, and is the starting point for all our network expansion planning.”
— Paul Belk, President, NGN