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You could call us unconsultants.

For over a decade, Civitium has been working with leading service providers, utilities, local governments and community-based organizations to develop advanced broadband networks and use technology-based innovation as a strategy for economic development.

We’ve developed master plans, formed partnerships, designed and engineered fiber and wireless networks, developed business models, established place-based innovation environments, built applications, and helped our clients raise the funding needed to realize their goals. But we don’t rely on only what’s worked in the past. We constantly look to what’s next and draw inspiration from a variety of sources.

Now we fly the Crowdfiber flag first. A geographic marketing and sales automation tool, Crowdfiber is a one of a kind tool to market fiber, coax, copper, and wireless networks.

Greg Richardson

Founder and Managing Partner for Civitium. Since starting the company in 2004, Greg has served as adviser to Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago and other U.S. and international cities on matters related to community broadband strategy, policy, technology and communications planning.

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Bailey White

Bailey White is a Senior Partner with Civitium where he has advised a wide variety of governmental and telecommunications clients since 2005 including several state authorities and broadband offices, ILECs and CLECs, public safety agencies, and not for profits on broadband related matters.

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Ellery Durgin

Chief Technical Officer and Volunteer Fire Fighter, Ellery joined the Civitium team in 2016 to help grow CrowdFiber.  Ellery has worked on multiple statewide networking projects, and has been instrumental in the launch and success of CrowdFiber.

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The Makervillage is nurturing creative entrepreneurs and startups in Northwest Georgia.

Founded by Civitium and home to Crowdfiber and many more. Come by some time.

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